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Easy Steps to Learn Email Marketing for All – How to do Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a great step forward for all who wish to market online. It’s just we send emails to our target customers about our services, products and ads etc. Digital Bloggy helps you how to do email marketing and the best email marketing tips.

e Mail List – Make a big list of your target customers:

The prime and initial step is that – create an email list. Do a research on your target customers and start collecting their emails – many sources are there to get your customers mail IDs. If you have a personal website, you can collect the email IDs through a contact form or through popup subscription forms. When customers fill this form with their name and mail IDs you can collect their contact details and thus start building the email list. Next important thing to consider is divide the mail list to different groups based on target priority.

How to attract customers to fill your forms and collect their mail IDs:

  • Inform customer about your latest blog post – about its importance and deliver them the best content for free through subscription – by this you can collect contact details of the customer
  • Sell your eBook or PDF files online for discounts – it will be a good start for you if you ask customer to share their contact details for a discount on products in return

Marketing Campaigns:

There are lots of way we can do email marketing and you can see the email marketing benefits – Different marketing campaigns are there and if we do it properly, we will get a better result. Different types of marketing campaigns are:

  • Newsletter is a good way to start with email campaign. Newsletter mainly describes about the main blog content.
  • Another marketing campaign type is – sending an email describing about the offer.
  • Next campaign type is announcing the release of your new products
  • Bring to the attention of the customer about an event that you are conducting in future

Create Your Campaign:

  • Main thing you should follow doing email marketing is the attraction of your campaign, so that user will click on to your ads whatever it is. For this you should properly customise your marketing campaigns to get user attention
  • Always check that email sent to the user/customer contains proper specified information’s.
  • Create a brand value in your subscriber’s mind so that they will always stick on to your campaigns and the content that you provide
  • Make it simple for your subscribers and users to convert, so that they become your potential customers

How to do your Email Marketing Campaign:

  • Take care of your headline/title – it should be very impressive – user should feel to go through the message and click on it and then the body of the email should convey proper understanding of what you are marketing
  • Images play an important role in your email marketing campaign, Add images in your email marketing campaigns and it should be compelling for the users so that they click on it and conversion happens

Email Marketing – Avoid Spamming!

  • Spam checkers are a good option. Use spam checkers so that you can avoid spamming of your emails
  • Always check your email content – don’t ever send bad low quality content which may lead to spam mails
  • Next major thing is the quality of your text and images to be followed for email marketing

Optimise Your Marketing Campaign:

  • Optimise your email marketing campaign for a better traffic to your website/landing page and also better
  • Through proper optimisation you can create a perfect revenue generating emails. Lots of online tools are there for optimising your email marketing campaign

HTML emails and Plain Text emails:

HTML email – It is an email properly optimised as a website pages, whereas in plain emails you can find only the texts.

Be careful when coding your HTML email as, it can cause spamming. Most of the people use HTML emails for better email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Campaign Analysis:

If you want your email marketing campaign to be effective – we need a perfect data analysis. Google Analytics is a good tool for a better analysis. It will give you details on who all go through your emails and who all did purchased your products.


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