Best Steps to Install “Google Analytics – Ecommerce Tracking” With “Google Tag Manager”

With google analytics we have the capability of  tracking ecommerce and conversions and have a special feature called as ecommerce tracking.

Two main features are:

  • Ecommerce tracking &
  • Enhanced ecommerce tracking


Ecommerce Tracking – which tracks the sale data’s on thank you page

We will go in detail with the ecommerce tracking:

How does this actually works –

google analytics ecommerce tracking

Once a user purchases something , he/she lands on a final thank you page. This thank you page consist of the data layer and data layer should be integrate into your page. In this data layer we have all informations available that we want to transfer into google analytics.

Once data layer is available ,we can trigger our tag which is a google analytics tag. What is a data layer?

google tag manager

The data layer you needs to install in your thank you page is basically the information you want to transfer to the google analytics. Two ways you can install this data layer into your landing page:

  • Mannual installation – this needs a lil bit programming by filling out the values of this data layer dynamically
  • Through CMS plugin installations – plugins install data layer for you

The best wordpress plugin for data layer installation is – “Google Tag Manager for wordpress options”, In this plugin there is an option called intergration – where you can click the woocommerce option and check on to the classic ecommerce tracking option:

google analytics api

Now create an event tag in Google tag manager –

what is google tag manager

Now with this google tag manager event tags, all datas /information’s are send to analytics and thus ecommerce datas are tracked.

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