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How a Beginner can do Content Marketing – Good Tips to learn Content Marketing Stuff

Content Marketing is a great opportunity for one who needs to excel more in Digital Marketing. It’s a main part of digital marketing that everyone should go for. It gives you wonderful results. As you have heard about “content is King”, and more over all search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo give more importance for the content. Digital Bloggy directs you how to do content marketing and gives you good tips to learn content marketing.

Quality Articles – Attract Potential Customers:

There is no doubt, that articles (content) are inevitable for the success of content marketing. Articles should be very informative for your users/customers. We can write different types of articles based on different niche. The content in the article should make sense with your offerings/services or your product specifications. Here we need to consider a factor called user behavior. Different users have different behaviors. The users will invest their time reading your articles only if they find it’s sensible and informative for their future uses and benefits. So, our main aim should be on quality. Most of the potential customers are in need and search for quality article related stuff. So, we should think in user point of view whenever we start creating the articles.

Managing Your Quality Content/article – User Focused:

As we all know, lots of platforms are there today for the content creation and management. Many content management systems like word press, drupal etc are super awesome. These CMS (content management systems) help us to create, manage and publish the content. Many uses CMS for content management. There is no need for programming knowledge for handling theses CMS. Within this we can create stuffs like subscription forms to collect our users mail IDs and send the articles to them, through which we can create leads and which leads to conversions.

Role of Blog in Content Marketing:

Today we can see all go for blogging. Yes, it’s a great platform for content marketing. Most of the Digital marketing experts recommend for a blog page where we can add our quality content. The density of blog post should be like 2/week. Many types of blogs are there, business blog, personal blog etc. Each blogs should completely follow their purpose and relevancy. In a business blog, the content should focus to your business relates stuff, which should be very attractive and user should feel like reading the content. The main thinfg one should follow is the title of the content, which should be very attractive and compulsive for the user to go through the content.

Next important thing on content is, “engaging”. The content should be engaging one. When user lands on your webpage/blog post content he/she should feel like to go further by engaging on your stuff. The engagement in your blog post content comes under the blog commenting section. Comments may be positive or negative based on user behavior or the information’s they have gathered. Anyway we should keep our customers/users happy and engaging always through our content, giving positive replies like that. Research is an important part of the content marketing. Research does all the job. Before creating your content, we should research on the particular topic. We should think, how we can educate the customer, what kind of stuff he/she will engage on, what specific piece of content he/she searches for.

Market Research also play important role in content marketing. We should properly understand our market, What topic /content will be effective in this market, what that market is in search of etc. We should closely monitor everything happening in the market, user behavior and we will get complete idea of , how to manage our users and their needs and then prepare the specific engaging content for their needs and information

Way of How to Present the Content Before Your Valuable Users:

Many ways are there to present the content to our valuable users/customers. Some of them are:

  • eBooks
  • newsletters
  • info graphics etc

Info graphics is a great possibility of how to well manage your content marketing strategy. Every Digital marketing expert go for high quality and informative info graphics to attract and build their customer base. It is a good way to increase the number of your customers or in other words your leads will grow tremendously. After you have created the info graphics, search for target websites your user’s visits and submit your info graphics. Lots of info graphic submission sites are there for you. It is a great tool for your brand awareness and identity. Why info graphics have a great reach means, because of their attractive visual representation

We know that, now mobile apps have great demand. Creating your own mobile app is awesome right? Now a days all are using mobiles, so why cant you think about a mobile app which can reach into many users/customers with your valuable content in it? It’s a tremendous possibility for you to get a massive reach within your customers.

Content Marketing with Social Medias:

The time and follower base of social Medias, determines how effectively you can bring your content reach within your users. Social medias are inevitable mediums for your content marketing reach and exposures. Social medias have a lot of stuff to do with your content. It takes your online reputation and brand identity to a different level, your website traffic goes up tremendously, and the last but not the least – the user engagement with your content.

Huge Content – Huge traffic, Engagement and Less Bounce Rate:

Another possibility of content marketing is, if we add more content like 3000+words, we can have more engaging customers who lands on your webpage/blog post/content and stay there for a long time reading your content. The good thing here is , when a user stays for a long time in a landing page of your content, in seo perspective google ranking factor called as bounce rate, which will reduce. Its good for websites search engine visibility. So, always try to create content not below atleast 1500+ words

Consistency in your content:

Consistency of content creation and publishing plays a great role. We should have a proper plan of our content creation and publishing – how much content we should create and when to publish. The main thing is users are waiting for good content stuff from you, how long it is doesn’t matter, how consistently we are posting the articles matters.

  • You should have a proper planning before creating a content – what it is , how it benefits the users, the quality stuff inside it
  • If you are writing a blog or anything the content should be something worth for the user who reads it and we should be able to build a great trust in him/her
  • By building trust through your content, you can see the customer retention
  • Within the content create some inner page links, so that user can go to different pages and comeback- so users spent his/her time more in our content – so user engagement is a great thing
  • Next major thing that is inevitable and we should follow is the SEO part. Prime thing is we should do a proper keyword research on our content and target most appropriate keywords making sense to our content title and body. There is a keyword density that we have to follow within the body of the content. Add keywords in title and 3-4 times keywords within the body
  • Add social share buttons to the bottom of every content/posts. It is a great possibility for your content to get exposed to many users
  • Optimizing/updating the content on regular intervals is a great possibility for better exposures
  • Add quality info graphics and images within your content, which is an important step to be taken while going for content marketing and in most modern content marketing strategy, we ca find many of them add videos to their content for better customer retention
  • A CTA (call to action) button is lot to do with your content stuff. Don’t forget to add a very attractive CTA to the bottom of your content.
  • Next step is the content promotion – which should be done very frequently
  • Gain knowledge and experience daily with your content and how the is the user experience with the content – whether he/she is interested in the stuff or they are just passively going through and make necessary improvements accordingly

Self Made content – Good for Content Marketing:

If you really want your content marketing to be a success – you should go on with your own words and sentences – means your self made content, don’t ever copy from other content. Major search engines look for duplicate content and if it find any duplication in your content, then it may blacklist or penalize your content or website

Content marketing really do well for your business startups. It brings you many lucrative businesses and keeps you in touch with the loyal customers/users. Content Marketing is never gonna die, because how long users seek for the knowledge and other useful content in internet content marketing will exist. The right message is given by a good content marketing strategy to the right person at the right time. This is the most important thing to be noted in content marketing. If we look into the sales funnel for content marketing it will goes like this – the initial seeker or strange user ,he/she will soon become a usual visitor – then becomes a lead –then potential customer and finally he/she plays the role of promoters.

We as content marketers should think, what makes our area of expertise which is beneficial for the users/customers through our piece of valuable quality content – and periodically understand the user persona and bring improvements/updations to your piece of content.

Attractive landing page where your content is present:

The primary thing we should think about is the care for our landing page. User looks for a unique content and lands on our landing page which serves the unique quality content. The landing page experience is very important. It should be highly optimized and should be user friendly – should have a good design and feel for users , so that he/she should feel like staying there more time and engage with the content within the landing page.

Many tricks are there that we can implement for a better content marketing strategies.They belong the following lists:

  • Check your blog posts you already published and if that post is having good engagement ad reach, take that post to next level by converting those posts to a pdf, ppt or other file formats and try uploading in high authority document sharing sites like slide share etc. You can see a tremendous increase in reach and leads.
  • LinkedIn is a great possibility for better reach. Post your valuable quality content in LinkedIn
  • Interact with customers for what really they want? What kind of informations they are searching for and through which you will get an idea of user behavior and what they seek for. Create good content according to users wish and your intention should be , how to educate your users with your unique valuable content
  • Link your good engaging content with other blog posts which mention about the same topics.
  • You can see lots of comments for you blog posts – engage with the users by replying for the comments
  • Always the best content which is effectively promoted wins. So always go for better content promotions
  • So always thnk before creating your content ,that user/customer are our base and we should be very sincere for them when we deliver the content –the unique content which is very informative and which helps them in all aspects

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